VHospital (Create your own hospital platform)

About VHospital

VHospital is a personalized and customized app/website to help the hospital reach patients in remote areas and make use of medical tourism.



Existing hospitals' challenges

Patient can't contact physician at hospital

Consultations are limited by physical visit only

Paper hassle of medical records and Rx

Traditional patient load management problems

Traditional Hospital management of secretaries, physicians and nurses

Limited by patients surrounding the physical location

Losing market share not going digital

Pricey personalized systems

Solution and benefits

Personalized system (app/web) with your hospital name (Branding)

5 interfaces: patient, physician, secretary, admin, statistic

Reach patients outside your physical location (medical tourism)

Paperless hospital (patient profile with medical records)

Digital patient loyalty program

Hospital in the patients' pocket

1 Click to access examination & tele-medicine consultation

Privacy protected messaging system

Privacy protected messaging system

Digital slot scheduling and appointments management

Appointment reminders

Key Features


Browse easily doctors using their specialty and read their biography 


Patients can book their examination appointments from the app. Booked slots will sync with the doctor's schedule to avoid scheduling issues.  


Patients can message the doctor or secretary using the app instead of taking the doctor's phone number or calling. All of that while protecting the privacy of the doctor from spamming patients using free & paid messaging system.  

Digital wallet

Patients can deposit money into the system and use it anytime they want to pay for examinations, consultations and messaging. 

Video call

Increase patient loyalty. Patients can use the paid video call in case of consultation and emergency. Booked slots will sync with the doctor's schedule to avoid scheduling issues. 

Medical records

By clicking on the patient picture or profile image, you can access the all of the medical records of the patient including Diagnosis, Rx, Labs and scans. Including patient history graphs for chronic diseases. 

Multiple payment methods

Convenient payments. Patients can pay surgery using Valu installments. Also, they can pay for their examination or consultation bookings using Credit Card, Vodafone cash, Aman and Masary. 

Blog posts

Each awareness blog you post, the patient will get a push notification. This will be helpful for the patient to always remember your clinic and hospital. 


Notifications are important for the doctor and the patient. So none of them miss any important message or bookings or awareness blogs. 

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