VCliniQ (Create your own virtual clinic app)

About VCliniQ

VCliniQ is a personalized website/app for your clinic to digitalize your services and broaden your market reach:


Existing clinics' challenges

Patients scamming physicians (WhatsApp)

Paper medical records files

Pricey personalized systems

Traditional clinic management problems

Patients in remote areas

Receiving labs and scans for free consultations

Solution and benefits

Personalized platform with your clinic name

3 interfaces: physician, secretary and patient

Remote paid consultations via telemedicine

Smart patient journey (patient loyalty)

Paperless digital clinic (medical record)

Privacy protection (no more WhatsApp messages)

Digital payment and finance management

Key Features


Secretary can book appointments for their clinic's patients either offline or online video call and can update the appointments/operations status. 

Online Payment

Credit card 
 E-wallets (Bank wallets)
 Vodafone cash, Orange cash, Etisalat cash
 Aman, Masary cash
 Value installments 

Financial Management

Doctors can keep tracking their total earnings easily and they can know the paid online and offline amounts and the expected cash amounts.  

Blogs with push notifications

Doctors can publish blog posts for their patients which helps promoting their services and keep the connection between them and their patients. 


Message fees can be added to patients who are scamming you. So you have full privacy protection and control. 

Paid video Call

Video calls make it easier for doctors to reach a wider target segment what wasn't possible to reach before. A getaway for medical tourism. 

Medical record

All of your medical records can be accessed easily via patient profile. 

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