About DrsMasters

DrMasters is a social network for doctors to share their knowledge in a well organized form while reviewing all posts from experts to ensure the information quality



Unorganized Facebook & WhatsApp communities

Lots of secret communities

Best practices get lost in the middle

New guidelines and protocols get lost in the middle

Some important events are not highlighted and missed

Physician rewards are sometimes biased

Solution and benefits

ONE stronger organized community

Best practices do not get lost

New guidelines or protocols are highlighted

Never miss virtual & physical events

Personal branding

Unbiased rewards for collaboration

Discover rising stars & talented physicians

Offline events for rewarding doctors

Key Features

Best practices

New techniques in examination or surgery. This is the social specialized platform to share these data on. Get insights from colleagues and share with them your insights. Brand yourself as a physician. 

Practice protocols

Never miss an important update from the international society. All guidelines published internationally will be available and will never be missed. 


Rewards in the community is always done based on the class of the doctor.<br/> Now, things have changes and rewards will go to the most collaborative and innovative rising star.<br/> Create an offline event to reward the best KOLs and rising stars whom are making the community successful. 


Missing important events? Now all specialty-related events will be published in ONE place so you never miss them.<br/> You can even find the community monthly clubhouse event, rest of the conferences and seminars. 


Physician and not able to reach a professor or colleague in your specialty? Now, you can reach them using the existing community platform. 

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