Case Studies

Physician Engagement & promotion

Traditional activities(conferences, standalone)

Now you can promote to your physician 24/7 & do not wait for the next visit.

Message delivery

Now you can digitally deliver the perfect message on a platform used by physician everyday.

Traditional activities like conferences & standalones

We will not replace them but we will add a unique, innovative & personalized digital solution in which the engagement with the physician is measured and the ROI stands for a whole year instead of couple of weeks.


Patient engagement

Patients looking for a cheaper alternative medicine

Using the patient interface, you can engage with your patient and increase their trust so they never look for alternatives.

Not being aware with the disease or medicine effect so adherence rate goes low

create a continuous and weekly targeted disease awareness campaigns for your patients and educate them on how the medicine work against the disease so they never miss a pill.

Pharmacy discounts is a mess. Physicians do not tell patients about the PSP discount and managing the discounts with pharmacy is not easy

Everything is now digital, Once the patient receive their medical record, they can find the nearest pharmacy providing the discounts. We even track the packages ordered and calculate automatically when to provide the patient with a discount or a free medicine package.

Patient support program (PSP) call centers is costly and not effective. Usually, patients do not answer phone calls from strange numbers

PSP is now collected from the patient during & after taking the treatment course using simple questions & pre-defined answers to make it easy on the patient to enter their side-effects, satisfaction. Adherence rate is calculated automatically based on the course duration and number of pharmacy orders.


Not Enough Credible Data

How many times have you decided to sponsor a booth in a conference or sponsor physicians in a conference or a standalone without calculating the exact ROI for each activity? The data you need to make that decision is missing.

What about having a system that tells you the exact ROI of each activity you do.

Not having accurate Rx-IMS reports?

No problem, we can get you 100% accurate Rx reports

Patient Support Program for pharmacovigilance, satisfaction and adherence reporting is not meeting expectations

Defintely, since it is manual and subject to human error. We generate these reports from the patient themselves without 3rd party involved. Plus, they are converted electronically to the statistics format of your choice.