About us

Who We Are ?

Curawella Digital Healthcare Company was founded in 2018 and launched to the public in 2020 to provide solutions for healthcare existing pain and needs in a digitalized way.

At Curawella, we aim to overhaul and improve the entire physician-patient experience and enhance Medicine marketing. Our team is a collaboration of experienced healthcare executives and experts from across industries from doctors, pharmacists and engineers. All dedicated to bringing brilliance to providers, so they can thrive amid today’s challenges and tomorrow’s ever-changing world.


Our Pillars



Our vision is to be the leader in digitalizing the pharma and healthcare solutions and changing people’s experience by creating access to patients to have the highest quality care via a technology-enabled platforms.



Our mission is to fully integrates with national vision of Egypt 2030 and MENA region's vision and contribute effectively in the sustainable developmental goals addressing digital transformation and Healthcare provision , build partnerships with legal authorities and healthcare institutes to connect physician and patients together in a smooth smart patient journey



Our values are the mandate that connect us with our partners where we believe that together, we steer your success to a higher level of performance driven by innovation & enforced with integrity and ethics.